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I specialize in “Baby Boomers” who just can’t ski the steeper terrain or bumps like Gold Medal Olympian 'Jonny Moseley' anymore BUT still want to ski as hard as they can! 
Your lessons are designed to offer individually tailored coaching for all ability levels.  You will gain maximum benefit, as you and I together,  develop & customize your coaching clinic to meet your specific needs and goals. 

The personal attention you receive with a one-on-one private coaching is the quickest way to improve your technique and take your skills to the next level while having all the fun you can possibly have while skiing! 

          Your Return on YOUR investment of both money AND YOUR TIME is incredible!!

I’ve been in the Ski Industry Professionally for over 25 years, so whatever your desires may be, from improving your cruising style or ripping the bumps to floating in the powder or snaking through the trees, as a Fully Certified PSIA pro,  together, "WE"  can design a custom Alpine clinic just for YOU!          

       My motto is:   Safety,  Fun,  Learning, Fun & MORE FUN!!!!!

                     So if you're ready to take     
                     your skiing to the next level,                      please call Snowbasin Ski School at 801-620-1015 
                              and schedule a Private Lesson with      
                 Bob Tomsky  "Bobski"  as our "Fabulously Fun Instructor!"                               

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     click on  "CONTACT BOBSKI" and send me an email with your contact info & details.

                                                      VENMO:    @SkiNutt 

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Billy Kidd, Silver Medal Olympian & Director of Skiing at Steamboat, visiting my Class and complementing them on how well they were skiing!

Billy Kidd & me...

ALWAYS having FUN!!!

...Because we're ALL just KIDS having FUN SKIING!!!

Lots & Lots & LOTS of FUN!!!!

 Spring time Skiing in Colorado!

Gotta have FUN!!!!!


....and FUN is what we have!!!!!




CRUZIN'nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!  :-)


             Rasta Tele-Bobski

      Just another beautiful day in the Office!!



Stuck in the “terminal intermediate?”
How do your SKI BOOTS feel?  Sloppy & Loose? Painful?             
Get BLACK TOE & Blisters?  Can't WAIT to get them off?

Your BOOTS are your MOST IMPORTANT piece of ski gear!

In order to advance your skiing ability past the “terminal intermediate,” you MUST get your boots fitted with a custom footbed and aligned to your body!  

Go see a Certified Boot Dr. and get them fitted for YOU!!    

You will NOT believe HOW much better you will be skiing after getting your boots custom fitted! 
Next to a Private Ski Lesson, this will be the BEST investment you make in your skiing and get the absolutely most out of your private ski lessons! I guarantee it!

I know because I USE them!!!   --   Tell them Bobski Sent you!!    

I highly recommend SureFoot.  There are shops at all major Ski Areas.  


America's Best Boot Fitters certified ski shop.
America's Best Boot Fitters is an organization of top independent ski and snowboard shops that specialize in boot fitting.            The Best Boot fitters in the USA