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A few of my very satisfied customers!


Some of my many THANK YOUs..........


My BEST thank you ..............EVER!!!!


Bobski, you ROCK!!!
Thanks so much for making us better skiers!!!  We had a great time and those two mornings with you were the most beneficial instruction we have ever received!  
We will request you again the next time we come out!!
Thanks again!!!!

Margrette-Anne  South Carolina

Dear Bobski,

Thank you very much for brining the sport back into my life! By the time of our first lesson, I had not skied for 4 years and lost confidence in the ability to do it. You managed not only to restore my confidence after just one lesson, but also unleashed the passion for the sport within me, by end of the lesson I was hooked on skiing - your fascination with the sport is contagious and inspiring, it triggered great deal of enthusiasm in me! My transformation under your guidance was remarkable, by the end of the second lesson I felt I could conquer any mountain! You showed tremendous patience, compassion, and excitement about my progress. You demonstrated an innate capacity to effortlessly adapt to my personality and level of skiing instead of using “one size fits all” approach. You were able to bring the best in me and made me a skier again! Your competence and personal skills are outstanding, you are a talented and powerful teacher. On one hand my attention was captivated and you kept me focused, on the other hand I was at ease throughout the entire time of the lessons.

 Thank you for the terrific experience, cannot wait to have the next lesson from you to progress to the next level!

 Inna P., 38 - Denver, CO



I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for a great ski lesson!  It was exactly what I needed to improve and to be able to tackle tougher terrain with confidence.  You quickly identified the flaws in my technique and gave me simple and effective keys to correct them.  I am amazed at what a difference it made.  As you told me to do, I stuck to lower angle terrain for a while to reinforce what we worked on.  When I hit steeper terrain a few days later, I couldn't believe how much less effort it took to ski it.  Can't wait to get out again.  Thanks!

 Todd -42  London, England


Great lesson.  I feel like I have improved considerably.  Skiing after our lesson was a lot more fun, for sure! 
I probably did about 4 more runs on Sat then on Sunday went to Keystone as you suggested.  That was really great because the lift line was almost non-existent.  I felt pretty confident all day that I was skiing correctly with no bad habits, and went home when I felt I was getting too tired to execute correctly (I got there about 7:30 and skinned up the Piste once before the lifts opened).

I did chat a bit with ski patrol there as I was checking out the open runs on the map at the top of the gondola.  He said I could take another gondola to an area that had some ungroomed blacks open....  It took all my will power not to do so as I heard your voice in my head to take baby steps.  Having said that I did feel comfortable on the steepest terrain I could find on the front side of the mtn.  I plan to continue with the same until we have another lesson, and will hopefully find a little pow here and there to try out.

Thanks again and can’t wait until the next lesson!!!

Nick - 57  Denver, CO


Hi Bob,                                                                                                                                                          Thanks again for taking me up for the lessons. I really had a great time and feel like I learned alot in a short time. It helps to see what I was doing in the movie clips. I defintely need to get more aggressive with the turns and look where I want to go more! I'll let you know how I'm progreesing and we can go up again for the next lesson. I really appreciate the movie clips. They are pretty funny! Too bad you didn't get me falling!   Hope your Christmas was good and hope you guys have a great New Year.

Danielle  47 New York, NY


 Dear Bob,                                                                                                                                                             Thank you so very much for my incredible day. I absolutely had a blast on my tele skis.  As I told you I had taken a tele clinic in Beaver Creek and tried 2 other times on my own and the process just had not clicked. After my two hours with you I felt everything clicked and made perfect since.  It was so much fun and I cannot wait to get out there again. I hope I get to see you again very soon to take my skiing to the next level.  Thanks again.

Lisa W.    61 - Evergreen, CO

Hi, Bobski

Thanks for a great lesson on Sunday. We had  definitely hit a plateau with our tele-skiing and you quickly got us on the road to superior turns! Thanks for making the lesson a lot of fun as well as  educational. We skied all the rest of the day and practiced the things you taught us. Look forward to skiing with you again!

Jenny & Chris H.,  Golden, CO


Hi Bobski,

This is Lisa who you gave lessons to last weekend. Just wanted you to know that I had a wonderful time and you were a great teacher - had so much fun! Tommy was thrilled with the progress I made, thanks to you.     Anyway have a great Holiday and thanks once again.

Lisa M., 49   Dallas, TX

Hi Bobski,

This past weekend we took a little trip to Monarch.What a beautyful little area! No lift lines, nice terrain and good snow. We practiced your tips a lot. We had some great progress, i.e. starting to feel the "center" of the ski, the way they turn in soft snow etc.

Looking forward to the huts trips coming up during the holidays. It's a good crowd of friends going, so we'll have a nice selection of wipeout pictures.

Thanks again for the great lesson. Happy Christmas, have fun and see you in January.

Nikos & Fanni. Switzerland


I first went on a lesson with Bobski at Berthoud Pass ski area, Colorado. The slopes are very steep there and the snow tends to be deep. I was not used to these conditions. Bob taught me how to handle both the steeps and deeps!  Bob is a very patient and well-informed instructor.  He also is skilled in the area of avalanche awareness. This subject combined with his teaching skills makes Bob one of the very best instructors I've ever had over my many skiing lessons.

Since my alpine downhill class with Bob was very successful, I took beginner Telemark class with him last winter.  Again, Bob was very patient and used his long background in skiing to teach me in such a way that I excelled in learning this new style of skiing.  I would highly recommend Bobski to both the young to the old. His enthusiasm is very catching!

Karen W., 37, Boulder, CO


I've taken multiple lessons with Bob, and the most helpful thing about those lessons is that he is a good listener. I've had instructors in the past who were great at telling you what you should be doing and how it should feel, but they didn't listen to what I was feeling from my skis. Bob will listen, then help me diagnose what I may be doing wrong. For me, this is extremely helpful as I tend to have many bad habits. Being able to understand both what I am supposed to be doing and feeling verses what I am doing, has helped to dramatically improve my skiing.

Brian G., 38, Richmond, VA

I first met Bobski as another member of the Berthoud Pass Volunteer Ski Patrol. It was some time later that I found he was also a certified ski instructor. It was only after we had skied together that I began to learn what a truly great instructor he is. Although I had been a volunteer ski patrolman for several decades, I had always had troubles with my own skiing. It was mostly the result of having been largely self taught. I could go anywhere I wanted, but it usually wasn't too pretty.  Bob's approach with me was always from the standpoint of, "Have you tried this?" Or, "This is how I do it." There was never any sort of, "Watch me. This is how it's supposed to be done.  "That's not to say that he didn't demonstrate the moves. It was just a matter of two guys out skiing together and he was suggesting very gently, how I could probably do it better. I have skied with a lot of different people through the years. Bob is far and away the easiest instructor I've encountered. That's not to say he isn't rigorous, he is. But it's done in a kindly manner and you never have the feeling that there has been some kind of put down. I believe his manner and method of approach is the most non-intimidating I've ever encountered. What really counts most, my skiing improved enormously!

Allen  A., 75, Westminster, CO


What I liked about you teaching me (even though I had like 5 different instructors) you were my favorite! I liked the fact that you had a laid back approach to teaching. You can assess ones skiing abilities and get them to progress at a quickened pace without it seeming difficult or stressful. You’re the one who really got me started and got me on my way to being a good skier!  Thank You!!

Sean M., 21, Wauconda, IL


I would have to say as a student of yours, I guess you could say, the thing I liked most is that you made it fun (example-. the quarter thing, and all the jokes on the chair lift etc...). I don't think I could find anything that I disliked about you teaching me. Had a great time!!

Krista, 16, Chicago, IL